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Meet the Team

Jennie Sergeant smiling with Brian the Rainbow and Polly the Banana


Hello! I am an illustrator and maker of fun, silly and charming things. Inspired by the 1970s, animals, and everyday objects, I create little characters with huge personalities. They go on to live their best lives while my back is turned. Brian the Rainbow, however, is always busy showing off - so I always know what he’s up to!

I turn my illustrations into super happy products, such as stickers, keyrings, pencil cases, cushions and prints. They are popular with kids and grown ups alike. I am currently expanding my product range to include new and exciting bits and pieces for the home! I also illustrate People and Pet Portraits. From family groups, to couples, to best friends, to pets, to your best childhood toys - I will draw whatever you fancy! 

One of my favourite things to do is to illustrate silly story zines about funny characters, living in unusual places, doing ordinary things. There are two in my collection so far, including 'There's A Worm In My Washing Machine' and 'There's A Snake In My Spaceship'. I've stuffed them full of retro charm and each one is a little peek inside an alternative world where worms watch the news and snakes do the laundry.

Creativity and a sense of fun are at the heart of everything I make. It’s all bright and cheerful, a little bit playful and designed to spread maximum joy!

When I am not drawing or making, I enjoy talking to cats, having loads of fresh air, watching 90s crime drama and filling our home with vintage treasures.

Cheerful rainbow character holding a mirror up smiling 

Brian the Rainbow - Marketing Director

Brian is a noisy little rainbow who loves showing off! He is best mates with Polly the Banana, and they can often be found out and about together! Brian is the editor of my monthly newsletter 'Brian's Bulletin'. 

Gretel the cat wearing an illustrated jumper

Gretel the Cat -Creative Director

Gretel is a senior rescue cat and all round excellent person. She burst into my life in January 2019 and has been dominating my creative output ever since. She is sassy, funny and loves the 70s.