Meet the Team

Jennie - The Boss

Oh, hello! I am an illustrator, author and maker of fun, silly and charming things. Inspired by the 1970s and the imagined lives of well, pretty much, anything, I create little characters with huge personalities! They go on to live their best lives while my back is turned. Brian the Rainbow, however, is always busy showing off - so I always know what he’s up to! 
I turn my illustrations into super happy products, such as story books, stickers, paper garlands, notebooks, badges and more. They are popular with kids and grown ups alike - you're never too old for a party ring called Cindy!
Everything I create is bright and cheerful, a little bit silly and designed to spread maximum joy.
When I am not drawing or making, I enjoy talking to cats, having loads of fresh air, watching 90s crime drama and filling our home with vintage treasures.

Brian the Rainbow - Marketing Director

Brian LOVES life, his pals and being silly. He goes on fun adventures with his mates and will almost certainly tell you that he runs JSD. Brian has his own Fan Club and edits our weekly newsletter 'Brian's Bulletin'. 

Matilda, Gretel and Nancy - The Tortoiseshell Cats

Matilda was the OG JSD cat. She was tiny and loved sitting on my knee. Gretel was a senior rescue cat and all round excellent person. She loved shouting, sleeping and five square meals a day. Nancy is a kitten who loves running, house plants and getting into scrapes. She once fell in the toilet. Brian loves them all.