All aboard the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club! 

What is Brian the Rainbow Fan Club?

Brian the Rainbow Fan Club is a super fun monthly print and sticker subscription featuring Brian the Rainbow and pals!

Members collect exclusive Brian the Rainbow prints and stickers, are treated to cute downloadable wallpapers AND get VIP access to Brian's new podcast The Brian the Rainbow Show!


What do you get when you join the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club?

Brian's Welcome Pack:

  • An exclusive Brian the Rainbow Fan Club badge
  • The Official BTRFC Membership Card
  • A postcard with a handwritten welcome note from Brian
  • A code to get 10% off all orders (excluding BTRFC) for the duration of the membership

Then every month fan club members are treated to:

Fan Mail:

  • A surprise A6 illustrated print of Brian and pals having fun in Brian the Rainbow Town and two matching vinyl stickers. All sent to you through the post!

Brian's Bonuses:

  • Early access to Brian’s podcast ‘The Brian the Rainbow Show!’ and a cute downloadable Brian the Rainbow phone wallpaper. All emailed out by Brian himself!


How does the membership work?

To join the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club, you will need to subscribe here.

Once you have subscribed, Brian will post you Brian's Welcome Pack within three working days. If you join BTRFC on the last day of the month, your welcome pack will be posted with your first Fan Mail.

Fan Mail will be posted on the first working day of the month. For example, if you join BTRFC any time between 1st and 30th April, your Fan Mail will be posted on Wednesday 1st May. You can join the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club at any time!

Brian the Rainbow will email his fans five working days after Fan Mail has been posted with a link to the podcast and a downloadable wallpaper. 

Can I subscribe to the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club on behalf of a child?

Absolutely! The prints, stickers and podcast are all suitable for children age 5+. The downloadable wallpaper will be suitable for a tablet if the child has one. 

If you are subscribing on behalf of a child please be sure to provide their name so that Brian can address his post to them. You can do this by emailing me on

How does payment work?

Membership of the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club is on a rolling subscription. You will be charged on the date you subscribe and then on the 1st of each month thereafter. 

How is my order shipped?

Delivery to the UK is free and via Royal Mail. 

Brian's Welcome Pack is posted in a cardboard box that will fit through your letterbox. The monthly Fan Mail is posted in a reinforced cardboard DO NOT BEND envelope.

How eco-friendly is Brian the Rainbow Fan Club?

We are committed to making the membership eco-friendly.

All packaging is recyclable, as are the membership card, welcome postcard and monthly prints. The vinyl stickers are not recyclable but we hope that members will treasure them for years to come. 

Can I pause or cancel my membership?

Yes. You will have access to your subscription online once you have placed your order. Here you will be able to pause or cancel your membership.

If you have any trouble managing your subscription, please email 

Do you issue refunds?

We really hope you will love the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club but if you are unhappy with your subscription, please do contact me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

I will issue a full refund and send a replacement should any of the items in the subscription box be damaged. Please email a photo clearly showing the damage to and I will process the refund.

Unfortunately I am unable to offer a refund if you have already received your subscription box and simply change your mind.