Brian the Rainbow Fan Club

'Cheerful, delightful, nonsense!' (A fan club member)

brian the rainbow on his fun tour bus

Brian's Fan Club is now OPEN! Sign up here!


What is Brian the Rainbow Fan Club all about then?

A super fun monthly dollop of Brian the Rainbow through your letterbox and in your emails! You get to keep an eye on Brian when others are not watching - and he does have a lot of fun behind the scenes!

What do you get?

When you first join the Brian the Rainbow Fan Club, Brian will post you a Membership Card and a snazzy Fan Club Badge! And a welcome note in his best handwriting. Classic.

And then for every month you are member, he will send you:

  • Fan Mail through the post! Fan Mail is a surprise illustrated print of Brian living his best life with his pals. And TWO collectable vinyl stickers of Brian and a guest star.
  • A Fan Email. Here you will find a cheerful note just for members and phone wallpaper to download!

Brian Bonuses

For as long as you are a member of his Fan Club, Brian will give you a special discount code to get 10% off all orders in his shop. Oh, and you will also get special early access to new products and sale events! Smashing!

How does this subscription work?

The Brian the Rainbow Fan Club is now a rolling subscription. You order once and then a payment of £5 will come out of your account on the 1st of each month!

You can join at any time and cancel at any time.

If I join, does that mean me and Brian are BEST PALS?

YES! You know how much he loves his mates. Brian will be your pal for life. Promise.

Oh, what have BTRFC members had in the post so far?

All of these beauties! 

Here is Feb 2022 - The Wormdrette

Here is March 2022 - The Cinema

Here is April 2022 - The Swimming Baths

Here is May 2022 - The Allotment

Here is June 2022 - Street Party

Here is July 2022 - Camping Trip


Here is August 2022 - Circus!

Brian the Rainbow at the circus


Here is September 2022 - School!