Exciting News!

I am thrilled to announce that my first large-scale project as an illustrator is a glorious picture book! I am fully immersed in the planning and sketching stage at the moment: I will be sharing its progress in my blog, newsletter and on Instagram over the coming months.

Set in 1970s suburbia, Gretel the Cat spends her time relaxing in her thoroughly modern home. 'Gretel's Wardrobe' is a nostalgic treat for the eyes. Expect groovy wallpaper, open-plan living and the latest mod-cons - perfect for a happily independent house-cat!

 Inspiration Behind 'Gretel's Wardrobe'

My own home! I've been collecting and refining my retro furniture for years. I'm obsessed. I even liberated a tatty kitchenette from the depths of my Great Aunt's shed. 

Antique Centres & Charity Shops yes please. All of them. You will find me here searching out treasures - especially once lockdown has ended.

Gretel. My loud and funny senior tortoiseshell cat.

Pinterest I have a board called 'Gretel's Wardrobe' full of wonderful images of 1960s and 1970s aesthetics, furniture, household items... 

Reference Books:

Terence Conran's 'The House Book' (1974) A wonderful insight into classic 70s design for the home. I am particularly fascinated by the images of open plan living.
Margueritte Patten's 'Home Making In Colour' (1966) A somewhat archaic book detailing tips for the perfect housewife, there is still much to swoon over - from 60s electric heating units to the perfect use of a 'modern' open-plan living space. It is, of course, extremely outdated (many references to things to help a 'busy housewife') but there is still much to enjoy.