'Getting Ready' - Making Rainbows

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My rainbow design started life as a sketch on an order pad! Since its inception, it has taken on a life of its own and is now called Brian. I recently interviewed Brian to find out about the making process of one of my most popular products - the keyring. Here is what he told me:

Well, every rainbow starts the day in a line up with many other friends. We usually need an iron because of travelling all the way from the printers, Prinfab. Then, because rainbows are silly when we get together, we have to be split up. This is OK because we are fiercely independent and like being the centre of attention. Once we have been straightened out, a pretty yellow tag is cut out for each of us. It is a very soft bias binding and the colour really complements our outfits.

Fabric with rainbow pattern being ironedYellow bias binding with illustrated hands and scissors

The yellow tag is pinned or tacked into position. This will become our headdress. A little like a fascinator. Sometimes it can take a while to get it in the right place. Our jazzy outfit it hidden at this stage. We then have a wild spin on the Sewing Machine.  This is the BEST part of the day - sometimes we get to go really fast! It's important that we are sewn really neatly and all the same to achieve consistency. Once we have been sewn up, we are Bagged Out. This is where we are turned inside out to reveal our glorious clothes with our fabulous yellow headdresses. 

fabric being sewn on the sewing machineInside out fabric rainbows and some the right way

We are fed with some soft polyester stuffing. Not too much, just enough to puff our chests out so we look proud. Next, we are hand sewn into our outfits. Secret Stitching is used to do this - I don't know the secret but it means that you can't see where the stitches are from the outside. I think Patrick and Esme of The Great British Sewing Bee would be super impressed by this bit. Before we are inevitably called for a photoshoot, we accessorise with a snazzy metal keyring. You have to admit, we look stunning.
⁣⁣finished rainbow keyringfinished rainbow keyring on a rucksack

Huge thanks to Brian for talking to me. 

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  • Michelle on

    We love Brian! He brings us a smile and a splash of colour to our days.

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